For the website design, I created a sleek and modern layout that emphasized the company's services and online magazine content. I also designed the corporate packaging, which included branded shopping bags and tissue paper that reflected the same simple and elegant aesthetic as the logo and website.
Fashion IQ is a New York City-based fashion concierge and online magazine that provides personal shopping, styling, traveling assistance, and fashion news and trends. For this project, I was tasked with designing the logo, corporate style, and brand guidelines, as well as designing the website and corporate packaging.

My goal was to create a simple yet elegant identity that reflected the sophistication and professionalism of the Fashion IQ brand. When designing the logo, I noticed that the letters "I" and "O" in "Fashion" could be combined to create the letter "Q". By adding a simple graphic tail/dot to the "O", I was able to create a unique and memorable logo that captured the essence of the Fashion IQ brand.
In addition to the logo, I also developed a brand guidelines that outlined the color palette, typography, and other design elements to be used across all brand materials. This ensured consistency and cohesiveness in all of Fashion IQ's visual communications.
As part of my work on the Fashion IQ project, I created a hardcover book presentation that would be presented to clients. To ensure the book made a lasting impression, I chose to use only high-quality and luxurious materials. In this book was included a range of information about the company, including their history, services, and team, as well as examples of their work and testimonials from satisfied clients.

The end result was a high-end product that effectively showcased the Fashion IQ brand and services, and provided a memorable and impressive way to present their offerings to clients.
I created a comprehensive corporate style that captured the essence of the brand. I utilized fashion photography as a key element of the design, while keeping everything else minimalist and clean.