For Guru Coffee, a renowned roasting coffee company known for its signature blends, I designed 100% sustainable packaging that aligned with the brand's values and commitment to sustainability. Using eco-friendly materials, I developed a packaging design that would minimize waste and have a minimal impact on the environment, while still being visually appealing and functional.
Guru Coffee has three lines of coffee blends: Best of Plantations, Personal Blend, and Professional. Each line has unique blends with designated numbers.

The Best of Plantations features premium coffee, while the Personal Blend allows for customization. The Professional line is designed for coffee connoisseurs.
Guru Coffee uses sustainable packaging, including craft paper coated with bio-based ink for primary packaging and recycled foil for secondary packaging. This commitment to sustainability aligns with their dedication to delivering high-quality coffee while minimizing their environmental impact.
To minimize the production process, supply chain, and carbon footprint, only three primary packaging designs were created for each line of Guru Coffee's products. The result is a more efficient and sustainable packaging solution without compromising on quality or visual appeal.