Pocket Rocket is a distinguished boutique branding agency located in Eastern Europe. With a commitment to solving clients' problems and delivering projects that exceed expectations, Pocket Rocket stands out with its raw and unique approach.

I created a logo that captures the spirit of their brand. The unique shape, derived from a small mock-up of a rocket, forms the basis of the design. This design choice emphasizes movement and visually represents the agency's name, effectively communicating their identity and expertise in branding.
The carefully selected typefaces emulate the dynamic nature of a rocket in flight, with letterforms that appear to be in motion. Additionally, the typography incorporates subtle visual elements reminiscent of smoke trails, evoking the lingering essence of the rocket's path.
As a fun addition to the brand story, Pocket Rocket incorporated a series of captivating photographs that narrate the adventures of a small pocket rocket, taking it to various destinations.